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Candidate Insight

  • Honorable Terry L. Baskin, PhD

    Dr. Terry L. Baskin, a distinguished figure of honor and leadership, achieved a historic milestone in 2004 when he became the first African American Tax Commissioner in the illustrious history of Clayton County, the fifth largest county in the State of Georgia. A testament to his esteemed service, Dr. Baskin was elected to the position for an unprecedented five terms, marking him as the longest-serving Tax Commissioner in Clayton County's rich history.

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  • The Obvious Choice

    Terry Baskin, known as "Leader Baskin," stands out from others for several compelling reasons making him a distinctive and advantageous choice for County, Regional, and State stakeholders:

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  • Discover Terry's heartfelt pledge sharing his values and promises shaping a brighter future for our community.

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  • A Unified Tomorrow, Thriving in Prosperity, Education, and Well-being.

    Terry's mission is to cultivate a future where Clayton County stands as a beacon of unity and prosperity, where education flourishes, and the well-being of every resident is prioritized. Together, let us build a community embodying strength through unity, prosperity through collaboration, and a future where the well-being and education of our citizens are paramount. Join Leader Baskin in shaping Clayton County's destiny, where the promise of a vibrant and harmonious tomorrow becomes our shared reality.

Campaign Initiatives

As key stakeholders in our campaign, your commitment propels us toward a future where Clayton excels in prosperity, education, wellbeing, and much more.  As we embark on this transformative journey, your support will soon ignite a series of strategic initiatives, creating a buffet of offerings defining our campaign's multifaceted impact. 

These strategic endeavors are poised to redefine Clayton's future, and your role as Key Contributors positions you at the forefront of this positive change. Your support is not just an investment; it's a transformative force for Clayton's holistic growth.  

Together, we lead. Together, we thrive.

  • Prosperity Pioneers Program

    Prepare to champion economic growth and community prosperity. Our upcoming Prosperity Pioneers Program will empower local businesses, stimulate economic development, and create a thriving environment for all.

  • Education Excellence Initiative

    Be the catalyst for educational empowerment. The Education Excellence Initiative aims to revolutionize learning opportunities, providing resources and support to ensure every individual in Clayton has access to quality education. Through a partnership with the school board and school Superintendent, Dr. Smith, Leader Baskin will aid in creating more equity for Clayton County schools. 

  • Wellbeing & Health Empowerment

    Your commitment fuels the Wellbeing & Health Empowerment Drive, a comprehensive initiative designed to enhance health services, foster wellbeing, and promote a healthier, happier community.

  • Tech for Tomorrow Project

    Join the Tech for Tomorrow Project, integrating cutting-edge technologies to secure Clayton's prominence as a forward-thinking community.

  • Crime Reduction and Prevention Strategies

    Advocate for community policing, engaging in positive youth activities, and promoting data-driven policing to reduce and prevent crime. Also, bridge the gap between the leadership of the Police and Sheriff departments. 

  • Economic Development Initiatives

    Drive economic growth through business incentives, workforce development programs, and strategic infrastructure investments.

  • Revenue Enhancement Strategies

    Explore diversified revenue sources, efficient tax collection, and strategic development to maximize county revenue.

  • Vibrant Commercial Landscape

    Advocate for commercial development, flexible zoning regulations, and community engagement to attract retail and restaurant options. Leader Baskin will invite investors and developers who align with a New Urbanism approach of sustainable, mixed income / mixed use developments. These developments will contribute to a significant increase in county revenues and heightened economic presence with Clayton. 

  • Community Engagement Approach

    Conduct quarterly town hall meetings, community forums, and focus groups to ensure active community participation in decision-making. Additionally, the creation of committees geared to supporting small businesses, not for profit entities, entrepreneurs (incubators), young, spiritual community, and other relevant county stakeholders to ensure proper representation.  

  • Collaboration and Partnerships

    Collaborate with local entities: Mayors (within Clayton), government agencies, nonprofits, businesses, and educational institutions—to collectively address key issues.