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The key issues facing the residents of Clayton County—crime reduction and prevention, education, economic development, health and wellness, increased county revenue, and accessibility to retail and restaurants—provide an opportunity to create a comprehensive and appealing political platform. Here's how we are addressing each of these issues.

  • High Crime Rates (12% Increase in 2021)

    Clayton County has a much higher level of violent and property crime than the national average. According to statistics, violent crime in Clayton County is 35.5, which is over 50% higher than the US average of 22.7. There is a 1 in 19 chance of becoming a victim of a property crime and 1 in 404 of becoming a victim of a violent crime, which is significantly higher compared to other parts of the country.

    Baskin's Approach:

    "Ensuring safety in our communities, neighborhoods, and schools is my top priority. I am committed to collaborating with law enforcement and community leaders to guarantee the well-being of every resident. Leveraging my 22 years of law enforcement experience, I will build trust and create a secure environment. This starts with fostering a strong relationship between the sheriff's department and the Clayton Police force, defining responsibilities, and providing the necessary technology and resources to be an asset, not a liability, to those we serve."

  • Low Retail and Restaurant Presence

    Boosting Retail and Restaurant Presence:

    To boost Clayton County's economy and community development, Leader Baskin will focus on increasing the presence of retail stores and restaurants. He will examine our current economic situation by finding challenges and opportunities. Baskin plans to attract businesses by offering incentives like tax breaks and simpler permitting processes, which should stimulate economic growth.

    • Commercial Development: Advocate for commercial development projects that bring retail and restaurant options to the county.

    • Zoning Regulations: Promote flexible zoning regulations to encourage businesses to establish themselves in the area.

    • Community Engagement: Engage with the community to understand their preferences and work to attract businesses that align with local demand.
  • Incomplete SPLOST Projects since 2016 (60%)

    • Accountability Measures
      By identifying root causes and applying the lessons learned, we can ensure more effective decision-making in the future that benefits our community.

    • Future Project Management
      Baskin's project management and accountability strategy is to avoid similar pitfalls in the future and ensure the effective use of SPLOST funds for Clayton County's benefit. He will emphasize vital project planning and risk assessment, ensuring that projects are thoroughly evaluated before they commence.

  • Infrastructure Issues Due to Aging and Lack of Planning

    Transportation is one of the major issues, with congested roads and limited public transit options needing attention. Also, aging infrastructure, such as deteriorating water and sewer systems, requires urgent upgrades. Moreover, the scarcity of affordable housing is a critical issue due to the county's rapid growth and the expanding Atlanta metro area. Additionally, it is necessary to expand and upgrade healthcare and education facilities to meet the demands of the growing population.

    Approach: Tackling Infrastructure Challenges and Visionary Urban Planning

  • Remnants of School Board's Loss of Accreditation (2008)

    • Introduction
      In 2008, the loss of accreditation by the Clayton County School Board had a profound impact on our county. It resulted in a significant decline in the quality of education, causing concerns among parents and residents. In addition, the loss of accreditation tarnished our county's reputation, making it less attractive to businesses and potential residents.

    • Campaign Approach: A Collaborative Vision for Clayton County's Future
      While the Chairman's role is not directly managerial in the school district, Leader Baskin’s influence, advocacy, and ability to bring diverse stakeholders together will significantly impact the success of educational initiatives in Clayton County. Through collaboration and strategic leadership, the Chairman is committed to building a stronger and more successful educational system for the community.

      Through a collaborative vision, Leader Baskin aims to empower the school system to not only meet yet exceed the educational needs of Clayton County's diverse student population. By partnering with the school board and aligning with Dr. Anthony W. Smith's priorities, we will work tirelessly to ensure every student has access to a high-quality education, setting the foundation for a prosperous and successful future. Together, we will build a legacy of educational excellence in Clayton County.
  • Lost/Zero Revenue from Hartsfield/Jackson Airport

    Leader Baskin's vision for Hartsfield/Jackson Airport is to explore its untapped revenue potential in Clayton County. He plans to use the airport to expand the local economy, create jobs, and upgrade infrastructure. This strategy is expected to stimulate economic growth, making Clayton County an attractive place for businesses and residents.